For The Worlds Hardest Workers. 


  1. 2 Year Term
    Two year residency term.


Color Me Urban Offers Residents A Variety of Tools & Resources To Elevate Their Endeavors Throughout Their 2 Year Term. 
  1. Advocation
    The Organization Advocates Resident Projects Via “Resident Feature Cards”, That Include A Bio, Photo, & Project Profile.
  2. Back Office Support
    The Organization Notifies & Prepares Residents For Upcoming Advancement Opportunities.
  3. Press Releases
    We Tell Dynamic Stories That Are Perfect For Local & National News. Press Release Packages Include Milestones, Back Stories & New Projects.
  4. Focus Groups
    Color Me Urban Specializes In Boutque Focus Groups That Provide Detailed Recomendations For Brand Elevation.
  5. Stock Photos
    Color Me Urban Provides Residents With Free Stock Photos & Headshots.
  6. Spotlights
    Color Me Urban Features Residents In Our Orginal Content; Including Black Founders Try, Super Minute, and The Hustle.
  7. Growth Reports
    Color Me Urban Measures Essential Metrics For Growing A Project & Brand.
  8. Specialist Consultations
    Color Me Urban Is Dedicated To Connecting Residents With The Expertise Needed For Desired Outcomes. The Organization Connects Founders To Veteran Business Owners and Specialists.
  9. Nominations
    The Residency Program Ensures Participants Are Included In Change Making Conversations. We Nominate Residents For Accolades, Awards, and Recognition Opportunities.
  10. Showcases
    Color Me Urban Holds Events & Programs To Promote Residents. Examples Include : Paper Plate & Melanin and Mimosas.


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